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Teddy Riley Beats Up 18 year-old Daughter with Rock Band Game Guitar!

30 Dec
US star, Teddy Riley of Blackstreet fame has been served with a 100 yard restarining order by his 18 year old daughter, Taja Riley for allegedy beating her and her sister with a guitar from the Rock Band game.

Teddy & Taja Riley

Image Source: The YBF

According to gossip mag TMZ, Taja one of Janet Jackson’s dancers, has accussed her father of “stomping, punching and bashing them”and as a result sustained “bashes to temple, contusion on face” and “pain in knee.”

However, what makes this story even more shocking is that Teddy, 43, tweeted about the inccident and made it clear that he would do it again!


Tinie Tempah – Pass Out [Video]

28 Dec

I’ve been watching Mr.Tempah for a while now (obviously in a non-stalker type manner) and quite like his vibe and fashion sense! I also can’t ignore the fact that being easy on the eye helps to add another dimension to my appreciation for Mr.Tempah! lol

Anyways, check out his latest video ‘Pass Out’ which I’m sure is going to be massive in 2010, and if this doesn’t get him noticed by the N-Dubz and Chipmunk loving tweens, then I don’t know what will! But on a serious level any serious ‘urban’ raver will love this tune and the DnB mix which can be heard at the end of the vid  will definitely do damage in club (I want this mix)!!!

Tyra Banks Pulls the Plug on ‘The Tyra Show’

28 Dec

Tyra Banks

Tyra quits talk show

I can already hear the moans and the sighs about this post!

I’ve just heard that Tyra Banks has decided that after 5 successful seasons, her chat show, ‘The Tyra Show’ is no more! I’m personally disappointed because, although it doesn’t compare to Oprah, it did help me to fill in the gaps on Living TV between programmes or when there was nothing else to watch on TV, so I will miss it!
At least she hasn’t pulled the plug on ANTM (America’s Next Top Model to those of you who are unfamiliar with the terminology!) although to be honest I think that has probably run its course now – it needs a reinvention or just needs to be scrapped!

Industry Hater the Tweet-saga continues….

28 Dec
As I explained yesterday, the infamous tweeter Industry Hater vowed to reveal his identity today and in a rather predictable move swiftly backtracked and decided to keep Twitsville guessing for a little while longer. So I guess the twit-beef betwen IH and an array of Grime’s finest (and not so finest) is definitely not over yet! However, he did ‘clarify’ that he is not East London MC, Wiley as some recent rumours have suggested. Check out his not so ‘confessional’ video:

Tribal Magz – Tribal Man Skank Official Video

28 Dec
This year has been officially the year of skanks! We’ve had the Migrane Skank, Facebook Skank, Swine Flu Skank, Jungle Skank and looooooooads more ridiculous ones.  But one of the biggest tunes of the summer was Tribal Magz – ‘Tribal Skank’ and now the long awaited offical video directed by Elmino is available on YouTube with a commericial release date set for 25th January 2010.

I also had the chance to catch up with Magz behind the scenes of the shoot back in October with the Industry Takeover crew.

Industry Hater’s Tweet-Beefin

27 Dec

As we all know (but if you don’t then give yourself a HARD slap on your wrist) Twitter has rightfully knocked Facebook off it’s social networking throne! In the past few months i’ve swapped boring FaceLOOK for its more interesting successor Twitter to conversate, joke and gossip with my more trendy, in-the-know friends and virtual friends.

But as any socialnetworker knows a little bit of controversy emerges from time to time. A while back, Twitter had ‘Grimebitch’, an unknown user who was bent on exposing the sordid shananigans and beef within the UK Grime scene but things osoon died down and grime MCs went back to dissing each other in the old-fashioned way until a few weeks ago, when a new ‘bitch’ came out of the twit-closet – Industry Hater.

To cut a long story short, Insdutry Hater has been going in on everyone you can think of in the UK music scene and has left no proverbial stone unturned! His victims have included Chipmunk, Bashy, Mz Bratt, JME, Skepta, Funky Dee,N-Dubz, Chantelle Fiddy, Grime Daily to name a few! In his short ‘reign’ on twitter he’s already got over 1,000 followers and often boasts that this is more than most artists (true!), rips into Donatella from Grime Daily on a daily basis for being a Grime sket along with Mz Bratt who allegedly FFT (f*cks for tracks)!


Industry Hater vs. Grime

Some of the rumours circulating around Twitsville reckon that he maybe an industry insider, Jamie Howard the comedian, Posty (Grime Daily) or a mysterious up-coming RnB artist named Matt! But supposedly the mystery is going to come to sudden end tomorrow, when he reveals his identity! hmmmmm i’m not convinved!

Mary J Socks It to Her Husband

26 Dec

009 will definately go down as the year that we have all been made FULLY aware of the marital/relationship problems of our Black celebs, exhibit A) Tiger (Cheetah) Woods and exhibit B) Ri-Ri & Chris Brown. But now, just to make sure the ladies get one in before 2010 comes round, RnB diva Mary J. Blige has had her own martial drama exposed for public consumption when she was recently caught on camera punching her husband!

Let the blogging begin!

26 Dec

Ok, well I’ve been procrastinating for a while now about starting this blog. I’ve even logged on and logged of a couple of times without writing anything. But I guess the thought of a new year around the corner always makes people start something new or at least think about what they want to do differently. So let the blogging begin!

Xmas Choc Pud

Remains of my choc sponge xmas pud (I don't like real xmas pud)

Xmas Snacks

This says it all!

P.s My first thought for January 2010 is EXERCISE! I’ve eaten too much over Christmas! Remains of my choc sponge xmas pud (I don’t like real xmas pud)