Vivica Shut Up About Fiddy Already!

1 Jan

For those who like to follow these things (myself included) you will already know that actress Vivica Fox, best known for her role in Soul Food, had an infamous relationship with “Mr.I-been-shot-nine-times” 50 Cent, a few years back which hit the headlines due to all the break-up drama.

To cut a very very long story short, it became a Vivica vs. Fiddy he-said, she-said saga. But to make matters worse (and even more public!) Vivica put it out in the media that she had called Fiddy several times, he’d refused to answer her calls and then changed his number! So, Fiddy got on his PR high-horse and notoriously played down their “involvement” and allegedly called her a stalker. Eventually the media storm died down and they both got over it.  Well that was until Vivica decided to flog this dead horse once again on The Monique Show….


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