Celebrity Big Brother …a reason to watch TV again

3 Jan

The time of year has come back round again (and I don’t mean Christmas!) when the Channel 4 execs begin to wet our palettes again with Celebrity Big Brother in order to get us ready for the tomfoolery of a bunch of common folk in Summer Big Brother. However, 10 minutes into tonight’s launch night of the final Celeb Big Brother ever, you would have thought the celebs had been swapped for regular housemates…


Stephen Baldwin, Nicola T, Alex Reid & Stephanie Beacham

First in was Hollywood actor, Stephen Baldwin. Yes, that’s right the one of the less successful Bladwin brothers. I guess they couldn’t afford his 30 Rock megastar brother, Alec. Next up was Nicola T, professional WAG and ex-WAGs Boutique contestant who was quickly followed by Katie Price’s cross-dressing cage fighter boyfirend (need I say more) and Stephanie Beacham from 80s cult show, Dynasty. If it wasn’t for the fact that I love BB, I would have turned the TV off also because I wasn’t particularly keen on the ‘hellish’ theme this year, but luckily things started taking a turn for the better!


Lady Sovereign, Sisqo, Dane Bowers & Heidi Fleiss

To my relief grime MC, Lady Sovereign was the next BB victim, I must admit that I’m  looking forward to watching her on the show, but no doubt she will help the British media to perpetuate their grim picture of the urban music scene. After “Sov”, came the best BB house entrance of all time – Sisqo flew down the runway singing Thong Song his biggest selling UK hit of the noughties which had me and probably anyone who is familiar with the RnB crooner!

At this point , I was on the edge of my seat thinking there was NO possible way that this lineup could get any better, but it did when Dane Bowers, former Another Level singer and Kate Price’s ex-boyfriend appeared! This was an obvious attempt by the BB producers to get some ratings by putting him in the house with current Katie Price boyfriend, Alex Reid – I say bring it on! As if that wasn’t enough Heidi Fleiss, infamous Hollywood madam to the stars was housemate number 8.


Jonas 'Basshunter' Altberg, Ekaterina 'Katia' Ivanova & Vinnie Jones

As they say what goes up, must come down and it did quite swiftly when ‘Mr.Nobody’, Jonas ‘Basshunter’ Altberg and Ekaterina ‘Katia’ Ivanova (Ronnie Wood’s ex-girlfriend) were housemates 9 and 10. But the housemate of all housemates and ex-Chelsea player, Vinnie Jones completed the Celeb BB 2010 round up (I think we can also add “dilf” to his resume).

I say Vinnie to win!!!!!!

Celeb BB Trailer…


2 Responses to “Celebrity Big Brother …a reason to watch TV again”

  1. Car January 4, 2010 at 3:33 am #

    damn I hate to say it but i’m gonna watch this..hehe

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