Jamelia To Join G-Unit?

5 Jan
Fiddy to sign Jamelia?

Fiddy to sign Jamelia?

Rumour has it that Mr. Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson (better known to us on this blog as Fiddy) was so impressed with Jamelia’s swagger (road slang for demeanour) after meeting her at the UK premier for his  latest film, Dead Man Running that he’s vowed to sign her to his label, G-Unit. Reportedly, Jamelia has already been working with an array of US producers so signing with Fiddy would be a great stepping stone. I must admit that ever since her hit, Money ft. Beenie Man which was followed by a break from music shortly afterwards to have her first child, the ex-WAG has never fully regained that gritty ‘urban’ sound or kudos in the eyes of core urban music fans.  I do think however, joining G-Unit could not only get her back  to that raw sound but could open many doors to the American market, basically there are only two options: she will either go the Estelle route (successful) or meet the same fate as the former first Lady of G-Unit, Olivia – resigned to hip hop history.



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