Sincere – Written In The Stars: A Mixtape

12 Jan

Sincere written in the stars

The UK grime scene right now is certainly not lacking a free mixtape or two. Sincere has just put out his entitled,Written In The Stars. Either everybody is jumping on the bandwagon or has just stepped up their work ethic. I’ll go with the latter – it’s a great thing that the UK has now carved out it’s own niche and stopped trying to copy the Americans. We have our own ‘street culture’! And perhaps in 2010, we’ll have a few more ‘urban’ artists getting recognised in the charts. Anyways, here’s Sincere’s latest release.  Where’s he been all this while? I remember him from way back. It Sounds good though.

The tracklistings are below and you can download it from here. Enjoy!

1. Written in the Stars
2. Love City
3. Jammin ft. I Love Coco
4. Same Old Same Old
5. Young Branson
6. Pass It Over ft. Ghetto, Scorcher, Gfrsh, Wretch 32 & Little Dee
7. Kodak Moment
8. Blood’s Thicker Than Water ft. Scorcher


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