Kano Replies to The Times “foul-mouthed” Accusation

16 Jan

Kano answers back to The Times

Kano answers back to The Times

Recently I told you about Kano’s latest track, More Than One Way, released as part of a government initiative to encourage young people to take up diplomas and how some people like The Times missed this point altogether and decided to portray Kano as some ‘bad-boy rapper’.

Well, Kano has now answered with a rather articulate response (I bet the times wasn’t expecting that!) in an interview with Guardian music journalist, Joseph Patterson.

Kano states that:

“…The piece was full of mistakes. For one thing, I’m not helping Ed Balls, I’m helping the future of our youth, and if it wasn’t about that then I wouldn’t be involved. “Foul-mouthed” or not, I’m doing more for my community than a lot of others. This scheme could potentially change a young person’s future for the better, so how could you be against that?”

[Read the full article here]

I must admit that I’m not surprised that The Times have fallen over themselves to paint a bad picture about such a positive project. Do we really think that the posh “suits” at the paper can comprehend that a university education cannot always be the first option for some youngsters? And just maybe someone like Kano, who they can relate to, could help them to think about their options. Also, dont’ forget that with an election around the corner they obviously want to do their best to start the mud-slinging – God forbid we have another 4 years of a progressive Labour government who try to help the “common” man!

You can also follow Kano and Joseph Patterson on Twitter.


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