Laga Gaga ‘Collapses’ and Still Turns Up on Oprah

16 Jan

Lady Gaga 'collapses'

Lady Gaga 'collapses'

Last night during a show in West Lafeyette, Lady Gaga allegedly collapsed back stage as the opening act performed due to a heart condition.  Supposedly, her publicist  has put her “sudden illness” down to “dehydration and exhaustion”.

Gaga tweeted:

“devastated to have missed a performance…I was feeling dizzy and had trouble breathing.”

However, there’s a little story flying around that Gaga who is currently on her Monster’s Ball tour in the USA (the same one Kanye was dropped from) actually cancelled the show to because she needed to travel to Chicago earlier than planned to prepare for her appearance on Oprah.

According to hospitals in the Lafeyette area they did not treat Gaga for any injuries nor was she transported in any of their ambulances. Fishy eh?! I bet the collapse story was indeed a ‘story’, and she got herself down to Oprah as fast as she could – got to get those albums sales up somehow!

Check her performance on Oprah:

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