Bashy Proves Why He’s One of the UK’s Finest MCs

23 Feb


As I’ve said before I’m not what you’d call a grimehead (an expert on grime) but I can appreciate good music and talent when I see it. However, I do keep an eye on SB TV, a popular urban YouTube channel, to see what MCs are getting up to as I’m working with an MC myself. So, last night when I saw Bashy’s F64 I had to pay attention for two reasons – first because I knew Bashy when we were much younger and he was starting out, so it’s always nice to see people you know progressing in something they love, and two, for the simple fact that I think he has one of the best F64s to date alongside Talib Kweli, Chipmunk and a few others.

For me wordplay lies at the heart of any good rhyme, a concept which is no stranger to Mr. Ashley Thomas (all you have to do is listen to London Underground). In my opinion, Bashy has always had the ability to deliver a good metaphor, something which I think a lot of UK rappers and MCs (dare I say it) are unable to do.

Anyways, check it out Bashy’s F64.


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