Giggs UK Tour Cancelled Due to Police Concerns

23 Feb


Today the Guardian reported that South London rapper Giggs’ UK tour has been called off. The tour which was to start tomorrow in Birmingham, has now been axed after the police alerted promoters about their concerns over safety.

Giggs who has recently signed to XL recordings, was set to play 10 dates across the country, but the police became concerned about the tour after promoters for Giggs’ London show at the Islington O2 Academy contacted them. However, the rapper alleges that the police called venues ahead of the tour ‘exaggerating security risks’ and even told BBC 1Xtra that “this is how it’s been from the beginning, it’s just that everyone is hearing about it now. Before it used to be low-key, people didn’t really believe me.”

[Read the full article here]

I must admit that I can understand why Giggs’ tour would be cancelled. It’s obvious that there’s a high chance  most of the audience would be what can only be described as ‘off road’ (translation = hoodlums ) but at the same time I can’t help but think that the police help to perpetuate such fears. For example, a few years ago a DJ friend of mine booked Giggs to play at a popular university on the outskirts of London (which also happens to be notorious among students for its ‘assertive’ security staff) but the police would only let the event go ahead if Giggs went straight on stage and left straight after. Needless to say,  no trouble broke out but if my friend hadn’t known any better and if the venue had applied more pressure, that would have been another cancelled ‘urban’ event for no good reason at all.


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