Chockz The Rapper Spits Some Chocolate Bars

27 Feb

Chockz - More Than A Rapper Vol. 1

East London rapper and one-quarter of Highly Rated Entertainment, Chockz is one of the latest lyricists to bless my iPod with some quality music. His current release, More Than A Rapper Volume 1 fuses hard-hitting hop hop tracks like Honeyz Everytime ft. S Keezy with smooth, charismatic lyrics. In the opening track, Hip Hop Star, Chockz instantly demonstrates that he’s no stranger to wordplay with such lines as “respect for ladies, but no Queen killing the King, this ain’t chess.”

More Than A Rapper Volume 1 avoids the usual ‘street life’ clichés that UK hip hop often perpetuates. Instead, ambition and relationships are Chockz’s topics of choice, with the passion of his words brought to life through the delivery of what can only be described as ‘chocolate bars’. Down tempo songs such as Conversation (Feeling You) and Signs prove his versatility, and will definitely have the ladies (and guys) hitting the repeat button to listen to the sexy lyrics over again. Beautiful ft. Beckz Winter is another track that stands out for all the right reasons, dedicated to the ladies, its soulful melody wouldn’t go amiss on a Jenny Francis playlist. More Than A Rapper Volume 1 is easy listening and just when you  think you know where it’s going, Chockz drops a track like B.I.G Medley fully equipped with a contagious hook.

Good music speaks for itself but this mixtape certainly doesn’t deserve to go unnoticed – Chockz the Rapper has restored my faith in the “freebie” mixtape and can confidently call himself the ‘Hot Chocolate of UK Hip Hop’.

Rating:  7/10

Download More Than A Rapper Vol.1 here

Follow him on Twitter @chockztherapper and check out his YouTube.


  1. Hip Hop Star
  2. Stay Up (Freestyle)
  3. Signs
  4. New
  5. Iv’e Got That Newness
  6. Catch US ft. Beckz Winter
  7. Feel No Way
  8. Say You Will (Freestyle)
  9. Conversation (Feeling You)
  10. B.I.G Medley
  11. I Go In (Freestyle)
  12. Honeyz Everytime ft. S Keezy
  13. It’s On (Freestyle)
  14. When The Money Comes
  15. Beautiful ft. Beckz Winter
  16. Desire
  17. Can’t Ever Lose This

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