Has Usher Reclaimed His RnB Crown With ‘Raymond v Raymond’?

15 Mar

Raymond v. Raymond

Raymond v Raymond is the long-awaited and controversially titled album from Usher due for official release on 26th March. Interest in the album has no doubt been fuelled by the lack of singles Usher’s had in the past year as well as his not-so-private divorce from Tameka Foster.

Raymond v Raymond has a good mixture of tracks, the majority of which are mid-tempo so anyone yearning for an album full of ballads or slow jams will be disappointed. However, There Goes My Baby and Okay will fill the void nicely  if that’s what you’re looking for. Monstar is not too bad either but it’s rather long at 5:02 minutes. Personally, the only stand out tracks on this album are the ones with features like  OMG ft. Will.I.Am and Lil Freak ft. Nicki Minaj, so i’d suggest that Ursh puts the features out as singles if he’s trying to get back into the hotspot – although I do think Daddy’s Home holds it own and is a certified hit.

Despite any criticism that he may receive, Raymond v Raymond is most definitely a comeback album for Usher who  fell off the RnB radar, however for now the title of RnB king still remains firmly in the hands of Trey Songz with Chris Brown in close second.

Rating: 7/10

Download Raymond v. Raymond here.

1. Monstar
2. Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home)
3. There Goes My Baby
4. Lil’ Freak ft.Nicki Minaj
5. She Don’t Know ft.Ludacris
6. OMG ft.Will.I.Am
7. Mars vs. Venus
8. Pro Lover
9. Foolin’ Around
10. Papers
11. So Many Girls
12. Guilty ft. T.I.
13. Okay
14. Making Love (Into The Night)
15. More (Bonus Track)


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