The Stow Definitely NOT “Just Another Band”

1 Apr

The Stow - Just Another Band EP

Today, Walthamstow natives, The Stow released their new EP, Just Another Band. If you’re a regular to this blog and haven’t already stumbled across my ramblings about The Stow, then shame on you because you’ve been missing out. I’ve seen the indie-pop quintet play a few gigs, and recently saw them headline at Barfly, Camden where they had the crowd going nuts. So I knew that the EP wasn’t going to disappoint.

“Just Another Band” starts with the rebellious up-tempo anthem “Round and Round”, which speaks out against the frustrations life . I really like this tune and can’t help tapping my feet. In contrast, the next track, “Mamma” is much darker and less carefree and will certainly evoke some deep thoughts. “Doubt Remains” is definitely one of my favourites and anyone who’s had the pleasure of seeing The Stow perform will recognise it from their live set. It’s a certified head-banger and the spine-tingling guitar solo gets me every time. But, if you’re not a fan of up-tempo or like a bit of diversity on an album, then you’ll love “Butterfly”. Its soft sounds really showcases the group’s versatility as well as Shi’s vocal ability, as her vocals are stripped bare for all to hear. “Butterfly” reminds me of good old 90s soulful pop, the kind of music that hear you hear blaring out of bedroom windows on a hot summer’s day.

The Stow quickly crank it up a notch with the party-starter, “None of the Above”. I love the empowering message behind this tune  – “we are like none of the above” and often find myself singing the lyrics in spontaneous outbursts. But just when you think you figured out The Stow, the EP switches to the hip hop /RnB  track, “Thank Music”.  It’s soulful and melodic, it’s the kind of tune that could easily accommodate an Erakah Badu feature. Personally, I think it should be renamed “Chillax Music” because that’s exactly what it does.

The EP finishes with the quirky ska influenced track,  “You Don’t Know Me”. Once again, anyone familiar with The Stow will recognise this, but one thing’s for sure, like me, they never noticed the cheeky lyrics!  Although the EP is only 7 tracks long, it’s a great debut and will leave you wanting more!

Just Another Band is certainly no April Fools, so make sure you go grab a copy here (you’ll need to sign up).


  1. Round and Round
  2. Mamma
  3. Doubt Remains
  4. Butterfly
  5. None of the Above
  6. Thank Music
  7. They Don’t Know Me

Check out The Stow at Barfly.


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