American Apparel “Rummage” Sale Causes Riot in Brick Lane

3 Apr

The clever people over at American Apparel thought it would be a great idea to organise a rummage sale in Brick Lane via Facebook! Unsurprisingly, the event drew a lot of attention ,with over 28,000 people registering as ‘attending’. However, 2000 hopeful shoppers turned up yesterday for the first day of the sale when trouble broke out. And by the looks of it, the police were more than keen to try and ‘control’ the situation with their usual heavy-handedness.

According to The Met, three people were arrested for public disorder and ten officers were sent to hospital for minor injuries. In a statement on the Facebook group, American Apparel said:

Today’s response at our first Rummage Sale in London was overwhelming and humbling. Dangerous behavior in the queue prompted the police to close the event down until they could ensure security for everyone involved. In our many rummage sales, we’ve never witnessed anything like it and are disappointed and sorry that it happened.

Is it me or are they missing the point? Overwhelming and humbling surely aren’t the right words to use. It’s obvious that they knew what the response was going to be, especially because they’ve held similar events in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, San Diego, Miami, Berlin and Austin, where thousands of people also turned out to grab a bargain.

Anyways every cloud has a silver lining I guess and as a result of the “dangerous behaviour” yesterday they have posted various discounts codes on Facebook for their website and retail stores (up to 40%).  Enjoy!

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