Leak Alert: Tyga – G-Shit ft. Chris Brown

7 Apr


Young Money hopeful, Tyga has teamed up with Chris Brown to give us “G-Shit”. This track is OK and one thing’s for sure it’s a whole lot better than that pile of dog poo Nicki Minaj just tried to pass of as music. “G-Shit” is no “Bedrock” and I’ve certainly heard better from Chris Brown, but I can imagine it as a movie soundtrack for a summer teen flick or something.

Rating: 5.5/10

Download/Listen to “G-Shit” here.


One Response to “Leak Alert: Tyga – G-Shit ft. Chris Brown”


  1. Video: Tyga – G-Shit ft. Chris Brown « MisssN About Town - April 27, 2010

    […] Tyga – G-Shit ft. Chris Brown Jump to Comments Remember the leak I posted a while back for this track? Well, Breezy and Tyga have now put out  a video for “G-Shit”. These two seem to be […]

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