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Porn Magazine For The Blind

12 Apr

Tactile Minds

I came across this random story which initially made me laugh (but maybe they have a point?).

Canadian, Lisa Murphy came up with the idea of  porn magazines for the blind people after she realised that there were no publications with images available to blind adults.

The magazine named Tactile Minds contains text as well as 17 pictures in relief, depicting 16 naked women and one man.  However, this is not a totally new idea as Playboy was published in braille (but with no images)  between 1970 and 1985. It is predicted that the magazine which will retail for $230 will be a big seller among the blind.

But doesn’t it make sense for someone looking for ‘tactile’ kicks to just go and listen to some free porn on the internet?  Hmmm.


American Apparel “Rummage” Sale Causes Riot in Brick Lane

3 Apr

The clever people over at American Apparel thought it would be a great idea to organise a rummage sale in Brick Lane via Facebook! Unsurprisingly, the event drew a lot of attention ,with over 28,000 people registering as ‘attending’. However, 2000 hopeful shoppers turned up yesterday for the first day of the sale when trouble broke out. And by the looks of it, the police were more than keen to try and ‘control’ the situation with their usual heavy-handedness.

According to The Met, three people were arrested for public disorder and ten officers were sent to hospital for minor injuries. In a statement on the Facebook group, American Apparel said:

Today’s response at our first Rummage Sale in London was overwhelming and humbling. Dangerous behavior in the queue prompted the police to close the event down until they could ensure security for everyone involved. In our many rummage sales, we’ve never witnessed anything like it and are disappointed and sorry that it happened.

Is it me or are they missing the point? Overwhelming and humbling surely aren’t the right words to use. It’s obvious that they knew what the response was going to be, especially because they’ve held similar events in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, San Diego, Miami, Berlin and Austin, where thousands of people also turned out to grab a bargain.

Anyways every cloud has a silver lining I guess and as a result of the “dangerous behaviour” yesterday they have posted various discounts codes on Facebook for their website and retail stores (up to 40%).  Enjoy!

New Feature: #HashTalk

18 Mar

twitter addicted

I’ll keep this plain and simple. I’m a twitterholic. So why don’t I have many twitter related posts? I don’t know. But now I’m fixing that. Say hello to a new feature called #Hashtalk where I will respond to the most popular real-time trending topics on Twitter…Random? Nope. It gives me a chance to rant!

Follow me on Twitter @MisssN …you won’t regret it.

Let’s Get Political…Real Talk

24 Feb

Up Yours

I will keep this brief.

Since I started this blog I have somehow managed not to talk about politics but if I’m really honest I have avoided the topic altogether, fairly ironic since I have a degree in International Politics! I guess I just got caught up in filling the blog with celebrity gossip and music, basically all those superficial things I (and you) enjoy.

My name is MisssN and I am political so that’s what you’ll be getting from now on!


MisssN Blog…The Revamp!

20 Feb


As some of you know, I’ve been quiet on the blog for a few weeks, although I had to break the silence to post the Rhianna Rude Boy video, which is understandable. Anyways, MisssN About Town is coming back refreshed with a new angle, more events coverage and UK music as well as new regular features including Urban Entrepreneurs and Fashion Fix.

Also, if you’d like me to review your music, art/fashion, event or would like to be considered for the Urban Entrepreneurs segment, then get in touch at

In the meantime, look out for new blog posts!

The Golden Globes – Live!

18 Jan

Golden Globes

It’s only right of me to share such festivities with all of you that like to stop by the MisssN About Town blog. I’ll have a blog post tomorrow about all the winners etc, so for now enjoy!

Click here for LIVE stream

Justice for MJ? Doctor Faces Manslaughter Charges

9 Jan
Dr. Conrad Murray Faces Charges

Dr. Conrad Murray Faces Charges

Dr. Conrad Murray, the heart specialist employed as Michael Jackson’s doctor at the time of his death, is currently facing manslaughter charges.

Murray who has admitted to administering the King of Pop with the powerful sedative Propofol (a drug usually given to patients in hospitals) will be charged with negligence for his role in MJ’s untimely death.  However, the doctors defence is that the singer demanded the drug and he was monitoring hi’s condition whilst Michael was under sedation.

All I have to say is that Dr. Murray probably needs to start preparing for a long strength in the penitentiary – so he may want to keep his soap on a rope!

Tiger Woods on Vanity Fair Cover

4 Jan
Tiger Woods on February Issue of Vanity Fair

Tiger Woods on February Issue of Vanity Fair

Maybe Tiger Woods’ spate of negative publicity is set to do a u-turn this year. He has been chosen to grace the February cover of US magazie, Vanity Fair and the cover perhaps gives us a little clue as to what may have been attracting all those ladies – his toned physique!

For more on this, check out the full cover story on Vanity Fair here.

Skillz 2009 Rap Round Up

4 Jan

One of Virginia’s best rappers, Skillz, rounds up the year in style with a few verses which best describe the celbe antics in 2009. Listen to hear what he has to say about Kanye, Tiger Woods, Rihanna, Mariah, Eminem, Balloon Boy and a few others – hilarious!

Happy New Year!!

1 Jan
London New Yeay

Out with 2009, in with 2010!

To put it simply… Happy New Year!

Hopefully 2010 will be a great year and you’ll stick by me and become an avid reader of this blog! lol

If you think that there is anything that I should be blogging about,  then get in touch at misssnonline[at]